Q & A's: Quality



We aim to provide the highest quality product every time, and we do this by:


1. Our cabinetry is all cut and drilled on state-of-the-art computer controlled CNC Machinery (over-head routers) - all done locally here in Australia (not overseas like a lot of our competitors). What this means to you is that not only can we guarantee the quality of the finished product, but we can also guarantee exact sizing of every part and should you damage a part for any reason, we can easily organize a replacement for you without having to wait for it to come from overseas (e.g. typically China).


2. The part sizes and drilling instructions are automatically loaded into the machines at the factory outlet, removing the possibility of human error in the cutting and drilling process. This ensures your job is done right the first time.


3. All the board material that we use is made in Australia and exceeds the specification of ‘Australian Environmental Labeling Association [AELA 28] - Furniture and Fittings’ requirements. The boards have been approved for use in all food storage areas and comes with an E1 (or better) Formaldehyde rating (which is very low or in a lot of cases 0 Formaldehyde). This is unlike almost all of the cheap imported boards as these are not required to be tested in Australia, as they are considered a 'finished' product and therefore could contain very high ratings of Formaldehyde.


4. We use the durable 1mm ABS impact resistant edging for all our cabinetry; unlike the old ‘iron-on’ edging that some others still use. It is not only stronger, but won’t go brittle and chip - it is made to last.


5. We use HMR (High Moisture Resistant) Particleboard for our bench tops.


6.  All our machined parts come pre-labeled, so you can easily and quickly see what they are and which cabinet they belong too. This makes the assembly process as simple as possible.


7. The quality of our cabinets is unsurpassed in the industry and we don’t cut corners on cheap imported hardware to save a few dollars. You will not have to deal with problems later, for example when hinges break or the drawer runners don’t slide anymore.


8. We use only the best quality hinges and drawer runners, made by Hettich in Germany (the worlds largest supplier of hardware). Hinges and drawer runners have a ‘limited lifetime warrantee’ - they are built to last and have the backing of a reputable International Company.


9. Supplied with your cabinetry order is a customized easy to read specification report containing each part with its unique size and grouped into cabinet numbers for easy cross-referencing. Each part even has a report of what screws are required for that part to make the assembly process very easy.


10. We have been making cabinets since 1991 and have offered flat pack cabinetry online since 2006; so we have the experience and knowledge to get the job right, for the first time and every time.


As you can see we take quality very seriously.


Buy Australian made cabinets, demand quality and choose only OzFlatPacks.



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