Standard Sizes


Whilst our system manufactures to your sizes and we don’t have ‘standard’ sizes so to speak, there are some ‘industry standards’ that if you stick to will help in reducing the costs. For example a standard base cabinet depth is 580mm so if you allow for a normal 20mm bench top overhang, then the bench top would be 600mm and this is an ‘industry standard size’ for a bench top whereas 601mm or higher is not and will cost you extra as the bench tops are priced via matrix tables of up to 600mm and then up to 750, so a 601 mm bench top depth is the same cost as going for 750mm. 

Another ‘industry standard size’ is in the height of the base cabinets (carcass height) and the most cost effective size is to keep this 750mm or below as the cost of doors jumps in price when 751mm or higher into the next matrix table.


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